Photographer Captures The Moment A Lion Catches A Warthog [PHOTOS]

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It’s no secret that lions are some of the fiercest predators on the planet, and one photographer happened to be around at the stunning moment that a warthog became the lunch of a lion, and the pictures are unreal.

The pictures show a warthog that appeared to have lost his way and stepped into the entrance to the lion’s den. Unfortunately for him, there was only one way this could have ever ended. The lion then leaped out of his den with amazing force and chased down his prey.

Dr. Trix Jonker from the Addo Elephant Park in the Eastern Cape of South Africa was there to capture the remarkable scene on film.

She revealed that she nearly missed the spectacular scene because the warthog had ventured into the den before and made a narrow escape. However he was a fool and rather than leave well enough alone he wandered back in and didn’t manage to get away.

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She said that it was right near dusk when she spotted the warthog running straight toward a pack of lions, completely unaware that they were there.

“The poor unsuspecting warthog did not spot the lions at all and she disappeared behind a bush where a lion was lying, and it was taken by surprise,” she said.

She said after his first lucky escape that she couldn’t believe it when he went right back towards the same lions, again.

“After the warthog escaped, I thought the action was over. But the warthog went back in a circle and went back on the same path as before, straight back into the lions,” she said.


She said that this time it was too late, and one of the male lions spotted the warthog then sat up to see what was going on.

“He saw the warthog coming and went straight into the attack position. This was when I had my camera poised as I knew this time something was going to happen.”

The fight turned up too much dust for her to get any clear shots at first, but when it settled she said she saw the lion with the warthog pinned down.

“He stayed like that for quite a while then lifted the warthog into the air and started dragging her away.

“I couldn’t believe how tough the warthog was, and was absolutely stunned by what I saw that afternoon. It’s amazing I managed to capture it on camera.”

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