Government Creating Database Of Those That Present “A Risk To The State”

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Personal security has just about gone to the wayside as the government continues to infringe on Americans Fourth Amendment rights. According to the latest announcement, Connecticut state government has compiled a database using citizen’s personal information in an effort to seek out anyone they feel presents, “a risk to the state.”

The program was recently revealed by Rep. Chris Broadwater who shared his eager vision for the Comprehensive Person Profile. Created by the software company SAS, the database has compiled all available data of citizens available and has made it readily accessible by anyone with clearance.

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I can’t possibly see where this could go wrong.

Its original intent was to analyze data in order to combat fraud against workers comp and unemployment insurance but was branched out when politicians became aware of its potential. Since that time, the government has developed a, “centralized data warehouse,” where every person’s data is compiled and accessible by, “every agency within state government.”

Now, they have generalized their program to search for anyone who presents, “a risk to the state down the road based upon the information we know about the individual.” In essence, they hope to be able to identify, “an individual who is going to be at risk of incarceration down the road,” quicker than through previous means.

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In an even more shocking claim, as described by Broadwater, those to have been determined as such a threat, will be approached by the government in an attempt to, “intervene in that person’s life.”

Of course local politicians are claiming the benefits that such a database will allow for, such as a hypothetical woman being told her daughter is available for heath care through the state at the DMV. Despite their rather transparent promises of good intention, one can only imagine how soon the system will be taken advantage of.

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Other states are considering similar programs, as the database is just about going unchecked on a local level. Compiling several states’ databases such as this with the NSA snooping program can only be thought of as a direct Constitutional violation.

So what do you guys think – does the government have the right to have all your personal information readily available and to use however they see fit? Let us know in a comment below.

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