Ex-Soldier Demands Taxpayer-Funded Sex Change

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A former soldier is demanding that his sex change operation be paid for the by the taxpayers in Great Britain.

65-year-old Doug Yeatman, who now goes by Roxanne, is currently undergoing “feminization” lessons to prepare for the £20,000 operation that he feels the National Health Service should pay for.

Formerly a gunner in the Royal Artillery, the father-of-four believes he was “born in the wrong body” and has been learning to walk, talk, and act like he’s a woman at the Charing Cross Hospital’s Gender Identity Clinic in London. On top of the learning how to act like a woman, he’s been taking female hormones for two years to physically transform his body to be more like a woman.

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Yeatman is from Thamesmead, South East London and claims that he “needs” the operation to be who he “wants to be.”

“I am just living day-to-day waiting for when I can get it done.”

He did a 28-month stay in Wandsworth Prison after moving to London and admittedly falling in with the wrong crowd. He’s a retired security guard who joined the army at the age of 16, spending three years as a soldier and then being dishonorably discharged in 1968 on charges of theft.

He says that now his only focus is completing the transformation of his body to be a woman and he is trying to get approval from his counselor for the £15,000 procedure.

Yeatman said that “He needs to see how I get on to make sure my mind and body are ready, because once it’s done there’s no turning back.”

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If he’s allowed to go through with it then when all is said and done, after drugs, treatment, and the operation, taxpayers will have shelled out over £20,000.

Apparently Yeatman knew he should have been a woman after being married for 21 years and thinking that the grass is greener on the other side.

“I used to play with the girls rather than the boys when I was little,” he explained.

“It wasn’t bad for that time but something went wrong and then I thought I will be what I want to be now.”

Yeatman said that he’ll be “very relieved” when the surgery is done.

“My family haven’t got anything bad to say about it, it’s down to me.

“They don’t mind and it’s nothing to do with them really. My middle daughter says ‘it’s down to you dad – it’s your life and your body.’”

Should the taxpayers have to pay for his surgery? Let us know with a comment!

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