Al Sharpton Demands Blacks “Mobilize Immediately”

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As blacks continue to mindlessly follow the direction of finical exploiters such as Al Sharpton, it’s no wonder why racism exists today. After the Supreme Court recently upheld the ban on affirmative action, Al Sharpton immediately demanded that blacks “mobilize immediately.”

Despite not understanding that there are other laws, less racist laws than affirmative action, that are already in place the temptation not to stir the pot has proven too much for Sharpton to handle. In his most recent outburst, of course claiming the ban is racist, Sharpton demanded blacks get together and fight against the recent decision.

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During a statement, he explained:

“The Supreme Court decision upholding the state of Michigan’s ban of using race as a factor in affirmative action is a devastating blow to the civil rights community. The ramifications of this will be far reaching and could tie us up in endless battles. We must mobilize immediately for state referendums to counter this decision to protect the ongoing battle to redress the historic needed repairs to racial discrimination.”

The ban merely upheld the previous 2006 ruling saying that such a law is now considered racist in and of itself as it seeks to benefit blacks. Even back then, Sharpton could keep his mouth shut as he spewed, “If you do not keep affirmative action in place, you will not have a job at all.”


Perhaps he should have looked in his crystal ball, as just a few years later it would be a black man ensuring that no one had a job at all. Of course, playing on the racial tension at the time – a practice in which he has become exponentially proficient in – he shared, “They had laws specifically against us, which is why they have laws for us to repair the damage they did to us.”

The double standard in which he chooses to live his life is truly sickening. Making a living off racism by stoking the flame, Sharpton is nothing more than a despicable hypocrite to his cause. Perhaps he should have listened to the priceless words of Morgan Freeman after being asked how to put an end to racism.

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He simply replied, “Stop talking about it.” If he did just that, how would Sharpton stuff his pockets? Inflicting oppression of your own race for financial gain is below the scum of the earth – it’s a betrayal, and it’s deliberate.

What do you guys think – are you sick of Sharpton and his race-baiting for selfish reasons?

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