New Trend Among Lesbians: Polygamy

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For the longest time when people thought about polygamy they pictured a Mormon family living out in the deserts of Utah, well apparently that’s not the case anymore. There’s a new trend popping up in the lesbian world where three or more women get “married” to each other like traditional polygamists, and they’ve found a legal loophole to do it.

Three women from Massachusetts are the first to actually have a ceremony celebrating their “marriage,” and now they’re even expecting a child in July.

Doll, Kitten and Brynn got married back in August of 2013 and had a full out wedding ceremony, complete with their fathers walking them down the aisle. While actual polygamy isn’t legal in Massachusetts, they were able to find a lawyer who drafted legal contracts that made their relationship as legally binding as it could possibly be, and now the three women live together in a shared home.

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Brynn and Kitten are the two women who are legally married, and Doll is handfasted to both of them. Handfasting is where contracts are drawn to make the relationship legally binding without an actual marriage license. The lawyer’s contracts made sure that legal rights to children, assets, and wills were all equally spread between the three of them.

“Just because we aren’t the atypical configuration, I didn’t want to not get married. We’re very traditional people and that sense was reflected in our wedding,” Brynn said.

Doll and Brynn had both been practicing polygamists but never actually went as far as having a wedding ceremony with anyone, so they created and OKCupid profile after striking out with other women. Kitten eventually messaged them through the profile and that’s when their relationship started.

Doll explained that “There was an instant attraction with Kitten but I think we all really bonded when we baked cookies together on our fourth date. I didn’t know what love was until the three of us clicked like that.”

“With Doll and Kitten, things finally made sense. It was as if the puzzle was finally complete with all three pieces,” Brynn added.

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Kitten had a more traditional upbringing but said the two women changed her views from how she was raised.

“I had always wanted to get married and I guess Doll and Brynn indulged my wishes!”

They decided that after they got married they wanted to have children so Kitten went through the process of invitro fertilization using an anonymous sperm donor. They say their plan is to have three children amongst them, with all of the pregnancies being conceived in the same manner.

Kitten said that “The three of us have always wanted kids. Doll, Brynn and I are committed to each other and we wanted to grow our family.”

Acknowledging that what they’re doing isn’t exactly normal they said they plan to home school their children to avoid them being bullied by others and ridiculed for having an atypical family.

“’Traditional school’s tough enough for a normal kid and I don’t want my child to be picked on because they’re raised differently. I can’t stomach the idea of putting them in the crossfire like that,” Doll explained.

Now they’re pushing for others to accept their polygamist relationship, and hope that people will also give it a try after seeing them in action.

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