Blacks Issue Call To Arms Over Affirmative Action Ban

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Yesterday, Michigan – and with it, America – was sent into yet another racial downfall as sides clashed over the 6-2 Supreme Court upholding of the state’s affirmative action ban. Not so shockingly, leading the crusade against the ruling is none other than Al Sharpton who has recently demanded blacks to, “mobilize immediately.”

The ruling covers colleges specifically but isn’t allowing racial discrimination to run rampant as some may have you think. Michigan has what is called the Proposal 2 that strictly prohibits colleges not only from taking race into consideration when determining acceptance, but bans them from even asking potential student’s races.

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Of course, as the Left would have it, this has been nothing short of blatant racism being enacted so that “whitey” can continue keeping them down. Shanta Driver, national chairperson of By Any Means Necessary (BAMN), expressed, “Today’s Supreme Court decision upholding the ban on affirmative action in Michigan is a racist decision.”

She is not alone in her sentiment as tensions continue to rise across the nation over the decision. Always there to stoke the fire is Rev. Al Sharpton who just couldn’t pass up an opportunity to race bait a bit in order to ensure his own job security.


Sharpton has since issued a call to arms:

“The Supreme Court decision upholding the state of Michigan’s ban of using race as a factor in affirmative action is a devastating blow to the civil rights community. The ramifications of this will be far reaching and could tie us up in endless battles. We must mobilize immediately for state referendums to counter this decision to protect the ongoing battle to redress the historic needed repairs to racial discrimination.”

This wouldn’t be the first time that Al Sharpton has been one of the sole parties responsible for creating civil unrest. Just look at what happened when Trayvon Martin died – leading the way with his money grubbing pal, Jesse Jackson, the two were able to successfully ignite a countrywide controversy.


Although Jesse Jackson has yet to weigh in on the matter (and its only a matter of time), he has spoken on the issue in the past. Back in 2012, he spoke about banning affirmative action and actually likened it to ethnic cleansing.

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Now, here’s what he actually said:

“To make it race neutral is a kind of ethnic cleansing. In America, racial justice matters.”

We all know that certain blacks love to lean on the racist crutch when losing an argument, but this is so blatantly transparent, the words of Jesse Jackson couldn’t be interpreted as anything but racist. Effectively saying that blacks will naturally have a harder time gaining entry into a college or university, he makes it clear that there has to be some form of racist equalizer in order to level the playing fields.

Suggesting that Universities allow lesser-qualified blacks in is a double standard at best – just imagine if whites were to try and demand that. This isn’t necessarily old news either as recent Michigan University hopefuls have taken to protesting after being denied do to their less than satisfactory ACT scores.


Of course, despite everyone falling below that mark receiving a denial letter, because those students were black, the eligibility requirements have now been deemed racist. This sort of mob mentality is spreading like wildfire, and with the likes of Al Sharpton feeding it for financial gain, the mindset is becoming increasingly popular.

In that, many are joining forces as they consider protests and riots in order to achieve their agenda through physical means if necessary. Just take a look at what the lawyer representing BAMN, George Washington, had to say:

“We’re going to have to take the gloves off. This Supreme Court is systematically setting about undoing the gains of the Civil Rights Movement, so we’re gonna have to return to the methods of sit-ins and protests, and strikes and the things which won it in the first place.”

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It appears as though, through another failure to understand, many are seeking to fight on principle. Unknowingly being fraudulently pumped up for nothing more than fame and money, it appears as though blacks are blindly being led to the slaughter. Surely to be cut down on any front, it’s truly nauseating to watch as an unbiased observer as an elite puppet master manipulates an easily explained ruling.

What do you guys think – is enforcing the ban on affirmative action racist, or the exact opposite as it strives to leave race out? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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