Deputy Detains Veteran, Steals 2 Phones, Then Lies On Police Report

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An Onslow County, NC Sheriff’s deputy confiscated two cell phones from a former Marine after claiming he got “aggressive” with her, but the video from the phones that later surfaced online tells an entirely different story.

The deputy has been identified as Natalie Barber by Photography is Not a Crime and was responding to a dispute regarding dogs between two neighbors on Saturday, one of which was Carlos Jaramillo who she detained.

In the video Barber asks Jaramillo for identification in which he obliges and hands her his government-issued Veterans Affairs card, but apparently that wasn’t good enough for the ornery deputy. She demanded to see his driver’s license instead but Jaramillo refused because he was at his home and not operating a motor vehicle.

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He very calmly told the deputy that “This is a government-issued ID.”

“So why isn’t this good enough for you?”

She replied “I don’t want it, I’m not taking it.”

“Even though it’s a government-issued ID,” Jaramillo said again.

It’s at this point the deputy appears to lose her cool, saying “Sir, we’re done.”

He disagreed with her and said they weren’t done and the deputy became irate and started shouting at the man to stop acting up, even though he wasn’t really doing anything.

“I’m done! I’m telling you I’m done! And if you continue to act up—,“ stopping short of saying what she was going to do if the man didn’t give her a driver’s license.

At this point it was obvious that no matter what Jaramillo did the deputy wasn’t going to calm down enough to be reasoned with, and she ordered him to put down his phone for her “safety,” just before swiping it out of his hand.

She then let him know she was going to pat him down to check for weapons, then put the man in handcuffs. She also made it clear that he wasn’t being placed under arrest, only detaining him for both of their safety.

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Throughout the entire incident Jaramillo was telling his sons to record it since he knew he had done nothing wrong. When one of his sons went outside to continue to record then deputy snatched his phone out of his hand as well, even injuring him as you’ll later hear in the video.

The deputy then screams “I’m snatching everyone’s phone and I will take everyone in!”

His son wasn’t deterred however, and found another phone to continue recording with. Only this time he stayed inside the home so that Barber couldn’t take his phone again.

Barber then walked Jaramillo out to her patrol car and placed him in the back seat until another deputy arrived to diffuse the situation. Jaramillo was eventually released and not charged with a crime.

Barber’s official police report claims that Jaramillo became “angry” and was being “aggressive” and that’s why she detained him and took his telephone, but the video seems to tell an entirely different story.

It’s been reported that Jaramillo lodged a complaint with Barber’s supervisor regarding the incident, however he was told that she acted accordingly because she felt like she was in danger.

What do you think, did it appear like she was in danger to you? Let us know with a comment!

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