Liberal Spouts Off False Facts: “I’m A Stupid Sh*t”

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The failure to think an argument out by the Left is in short supply these days and another “tolerant” Liberal has recently stepped forward to demonstrate just that. All caught on tape, an anti-gun loony approached a Conservative outing and spewed some more of that good ol’ progressive argument.

Now it should be said here that the woman was going up against about 5 or 6 other people and the odds certainly weren’t in her favor. Along with that, arguing on a whim is surely a good way to lose a debate.

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That being said, neither of the two aforementioned reasons justify this woman’s illogical and aggressive attack.

Taking place on the streets of Fairfield, CT, a group of “scarce patriots,” descended upon John McKinney’s home town to demonstrate just how many Conservatives were actually out there. During that time, the demonstrators held signs regarding the IRS and guns.


Obviously being a hot topic amongst Americans these days, one infuriated Liberal decided she’d try and knock some sense into the gun-crazy wing bats. Starting out by sharing that they could be protesting something useful, such as the NSA snooping program – as it affects everyone in the nation – she states that the issues being spoken out about, are rather partisan.

She then turns her focus on the IRS proposal the protestors are suggesting. Asking who would pay for things such as roads and schools, its quickly unidentifiable that the woman would rather argue than listen to their reasoning.

While calmly sharing that they would still pay taxes through a free trade tax, the woman, apparently feeling bullied at this point, sarcastically states, “I’m a stupid sh*t,” and walks away.

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That isn’t the last the demonstrators heard of her though as she soon returned to tackle the gun conversation.

So, what do you guys think – did she present a good argument or is this just another illogical Liberal hot head? Let us know in the comments below.


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