Liberal Hot Head Explodes During Patriotic Parade

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In yet another display of American Liberalism, a man took it upon himself to voice concerns during a patriot march. Throughout the course of his spiel, he noted that those who claim to love the country are really just racist anti-American hard heads.

The march was actually a protest against the North American Union in which several protesters were carrying signs, flags, and other memorabilia to voice their concerns with. As the protest seemed to be fairly accepted to the public, screams were suddenly heard from off in the distance.

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As one cameraman whipped around, he noticed a sole bicyclist screaming on the sidewalk. Walking over to hear what he was shouting, it wasn’t long before the picture becomes quite clear.

Another Liberal shouting about facts he knows little, and perhaps nothing, about in an effort to do nothing more than start a fight. It was clear that this was, in no way, the proper venue to bring about such a conversation nor did it do any good and protesters didn’t even notice the man and simply walked on by.


This didn’t seem to bother the hot head Liberal as he continued to spew his loud-mouthed inaccuracies. The more people that came over to hear the attention seeking man, the louder he got.

Screaming that those in the march were anti-American, he eventually went on to say that America needs to open its borders and allow immigrants into the country unhindered.   Shouting that those participating in the march were not “welcome here,” he repeatedly exclaimed, “get out of here!”

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His demands did about as much good as his illogical argumentative spewings – although he was able to gain a bit of nonsensical attention.

He continued by mentioning other things, as well as demand that those marching end the hate crimes– a sentiment undoubtedly felt by those the deluded man was screaming as well – and deportation. As one woman shouts, “God bless America dude,” he responds by saying, “Hey, that’s not what its about and you know it!”

Strange, he doesn’t seem to explain exactly what has gotten him all riled up.

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A little later, he does mention that “you’re all about hate and deportation,” but the confusion surrounding the man’s outburst is nonetheless dissolved.

What do you guys think – what got this guy all bent out of shape? Let us know in a comment below.

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