Boyfriend Gets Humiliating Revenge On Cheating Girlfriend

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Imagine finding out that your girlfriend had been cheating on you for quite some time. Wouldn’t it be nice to get some revenge before she knew you knew?

That’s exactly what Ryan Fitzgerald from Dayton, OH decided to do when his girlfriend asked him to give her a Narnia mural tattoo on her back. Instead of painting the mythical scene however, he decided to go with a steaming pile of excrement, complete with the scavenging flies.

It seems that after Fitzgerald had discovered his significant other was sleeping with his long-time best friend, it was up to him to come up with a master plan for revenge. Trying his best to cover all his bases, the tattoo artist got his soon-to-be ex girlfriend nice and drunk and had her sign a disclaimer.


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Even going so far as to outline that the rendering was, “at the artist’s discretion,” it appears as though this wasn’t quite strong enough to hold up in the courts. Outraged, as anyone would be, Fitzgerald’s girlfriend, Rossie, took the man to court.

Although she originally tried to press assault charges, those were shot down on account of the waiver she had signed. She didn’t get away without her fair share of justice however, as the courts soon awarded her $100,000 to be paid by Fitzgerald himself.

What do you guys think – extremely inappropriate behavior or perfectly executed revenge? Let us know in a comment below.

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