Atheists Trying To Oust “Under God” From Pledge

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A New Jersey family has recently filed suit in which they are trying to remove the phrase, “under God,” from the pledge of allegiance. Claiming that it discriminates against atheism, the lawsuit was filed by The American Humanist Association.

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According to the suit:

“The continued daily, school-sponsored affirmation in public schools, where the minds and opinions of young children are shaped, that the United States is ‘under God’ portrays God-belief as patriotic and atheism as less patriotic and even unpatriotic.”

The separation of church and state has been a long debated topic amongst quarrelers from both sides of the isle. It would seem most logical however that as the country was founded with a definitive intertwining of church and state that we leave our once great and feared nation well enough alone.

However, as we see the continual downward spiral in which Liberals seem adamant on allowing to progress, it’s no surprise that they wish to strip this from the pledge of allegiance out of “tolerance.” Despite their nearsighted goals, the suit explains their belief that allowing the pledge to contain such language only demonstrates that, “the government favors belief in God.”

They may just have their work cut out for them as this same suit has been tried on several occasions, all across the nation, to no avail. Need further proof that the belief in God is not dead and that a large majority of Americans get offended when an attempt is made to oust God from previously acceptable instances?

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Remember back when Obama read his own rendition of the Gettysburg address in which he omitted the phrasing, “under God”? American’s and God have walked hand in hand since the liberation of this nation – those who wish to do without would best be served finding citizenship elsewhere.

What do you guys think – is this a reasonable request or should God be left in the pledge? Let us know in a comment below.

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