Drunk Elephants Captured In Hilarious Photographs

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Elephants that the Singita Kruger National Park in South Africa looked like they had been out for a night on the town when one of the park employees captured pictures of them while they were drunk.

A herd of young elephants at the park ate what’s known as Marula Fruit which is known to make large mammals drunk after ingesting it in large quantities. The sweet fruit has intoxicating qualities once it has ripened and fallen to the ground, and apparently the elephants enjoyed the sweet treat.

A field guide at the park, Ross Couper, said he saw the elephants start to stumble around on each other so he decided to take pictures.

The guide said that “We watched in awe because the youngsters definitely seemed to display signs of being rather tipsy.”

It’s also been said that if the elephants eat beetle pupae that it can have the same sort of disorienting effect, and it’s unclear which they ingested.

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