Officer Assaults Citizen For Simply Asking Question

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In yet another demonstration of the abuses evolving into everyday duties of police officer dealings, a man was viciously beaten by an officer for simply asking a question. All caught on tape, the man is seen displaying no acts of aggression, yet being savagely punched in the face.

Apparently police were directed to the area after at least one man had walked outside a local bar with a beer in his hands. As drinking in public is illegal, the officers soon arrested two men while their friend attempted to step in.

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According to the man who recorded the video, “The guy was trying to find out why his friend was being arrested.” At this time, Officer Derek Wicklund checked the man rather hard, and pushed him away from where his friends were being arrested.

The drastic action from Wicklund prompted the soon-to-be victim to respond by saying, “f*ck you!” This undoubtedly irritated the officer having been talked to in such a way in which he charged the man and began his assault.


The man can be seen backing up, with his hands in the air showing not even the slightest sign of aggression. This mattered not to Wicklund as he slammed the man on the car, threw him on the ground and then proceeded to punch the non-aggressive man in the fact at least twice.

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One of the officer’s brothers in blue then came over to obstruct the view of the cameraman and even placed his hand on the camera while ordering the person recording to step back.

The unfortunate man was then arrested and charged with, “disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.”

According to the arrestees friend, Joe Davidson, “I can see how my friend got charged with disorderly conduct, but I think that the resisting arrest part of it was a little bit… I don’t see where that happened and I think the force was excessive.”

As the video went immediately viral throughout social media, the police were forced to come out with a public statement. Green Bay Police Lt. Andrew Opperman expressed that Officer Wicklund’s actions, along with the video, were being investigated by internal affairs.

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Many people who’ve watched the video however do not seem confident that Wicklund will face any repercussions for his undoubted illegal assault. The department seems to be blatantly waiting for heat to die down around the issue as their recent press release read, “Due to the amount of written reports, videos of the event and witness interviews, this investigation will take some time.”

What do you guys think – warranted or excessive force? Let us know in a comment below.

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