Obama-Backed Syrian Rebels Hold Baby At Gunpoint

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A group of Syrian rebels have taken a child hostage according to reports that stemmed after a picture of a child held at gunpoint was posted online.

In the picture the child can be seen on its knees with its head tilted backwards. Surrounding its head were three rifles that appear to be pointed directly in its face.

The picture was posted online by a supporter of the Free Syrian Army and had the caption “Our youngest hostage from among the hostile sects of Kessab.”

The picture came right as Syria is preparing to hold a presidential election in the middle of their civil war that’s been raging, which critics believe is nothing more than a ploy to get Bashar al-Assad back into power.

It allegedly came from the predominately Christian Armenian village near Syria’s border with Turkey, however some speculate that it may be government propaganda rather than an actual hostage.

(GRAPHIC VIDEO: Obama Backed Syrian Rebels Cut Off The Hand Of Thief (18+)

Baby Hostage

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