BLM Now Moving To Confiscate 90,000 Acres Of Private Property

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As focus has been brought about the BLM like they’ve never seen before, many of their actions are now public. Seeing how their last fiasco with Bundy didn’t go as planned, their gaze has been drawn to the Texas/Oklahoma border where they are moving to confiscate over 90,000 acres of private property.

This isn’t the first time the government has just up and decided to act in such a way either as back in 1986, a Texas rancher lost some 140 acres in a federal suit. According to reports, Tommy Henderson was forced to fork over the land where, “The Bureau of Land Management took 140 acres of his property and didn’t pay him one cent.”

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Since that time, the BLM is now eyeing approximately 90,000 acres that run directly up the Texas/Oklahoma border. To add insult to injury, the BLM is going to use their former 1986 case to push their agenda.

The issue seems to circle around the Louisiana purchase of 1803 that didn’t necessarily clearly define the border between the two states. Although they placed wooden poles long the border, and through the winding river, but those held up about as good as a snowman in summer due to the eroding riverbed.

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Since that time, the border has been disputed on several occasions, all of which Texas seems to win. The argument lies with how the river seems to move. Being that of different circumstance, Texas always seems to gain land as the river shifts toward Oklahoma, but the border stays put when the river makes its way back.

Ranchers have since been forced to fight what was rightfully theirs. After all, they have owned the land for years before the BLM’s existence, paid their taxes and then the government thinks they can just come in and take what isn’t theirs on principle?

This situation is like the Bundy standoff times two – the fact that the land wasn’t Bundy’s seems to make this a bit more offensive. Although it’s highly unlikely that make-shift militias will form again, to come to the aid of yet more ranchers in which the government seems adamantly determined to trample upon their rights, something has to be done.

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Despite executive orders being signed that allows the government to take land as they please, if this was ever determined to be the case – and mandated out of a need with no other options – those being robbed should be compensated in some way.

What do you guys think of the BLM’s latest abuse of power? Let us know in a comment below.


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