Prius Owner Harasses Farmer For Owning Truck

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You just have to love when a tree-hugging Liberal comes forward and willingly makes a fool of themselves. Lucky for us, this one decided to keep at it even after the truck owner that she decided to harass, flipped on his camera.

She starts off by calling his truck a “gas guzzling piece of sh*t,” in front of the man’s children – now that’s class. She continues on her rampage by asking what the man does for a living.

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After being told he worked in marketing, she sarcastically adds that he must need such a big truck for his marketing career. Of course, sticking her foot in her mouth without knowing all the facts before deciding to open her trap, the man then notes that he has a farm and a few horses.

Unfortunately for the woman, sometimes, a Prius just isn’t going to cut it when pulling a horse trailer.

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