Does Hillary Clinton Wear Men’s Clothes?

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Jimmy Fallon recently took to congratulating Chelsea Clinton on her pregnancy, but the spiel took a turn for the better as he then proceeded to rag on Hillary’s fashion choices.

Explaining the hand-me-downs the child could expect to wear, Fallon noted that if it was a girl, she would probably be wearing some of Chelsea’s childhood clothing. He then comically added that if it was a boy, he could wear some of Hillary’s old clothes.

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The audience soon erupted in laughter, with a few, “oohs” as the burn of the joke set in. Relaying that the boy would have a few, “little pant suit[s],” to wear as he grew up.

You have to admit – he’s not necessarily wrong.

As the audience continued to roar in applause and cheering, Fallon insisted that, “it wasn’t that hard of a joke.”

What do you guys think – spot on hilarious or too far? Let us know in the comments below.

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