Suicide Bombers Vest Explodes, Only His Victims Ran Too Fast

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Fresh video from a surveillance camera at a college in Baghdad shows a suicide bomber who wasn’t quite fast enough to kill anybody.

It shows two men running away from the bomber, who stops to detonate himself only they’ve made it far enough away that they weren’t affected by the blast.

The video timestamp says it’s from Sunday and is reportedly from a Shiite college that was bombed right by the main gate. According to The Blaze, three militants attacked the school’s back gate as well but it’s uncertain whether or not a bomb was set off there.

18 people were injured, and four policeman as well as a teacher were killed in the assault.

It’s unable to be confirmed if the video shown is from that actual attack or if somebody may have altered the date and time stamps to make it appear as if it was a part of it, however the events that unfolded are said to be very similar to those that were reported.

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The assault on the college has been described by the U.N.’s Special Representative in Iraq, Nickolay Mladenov, as a “vicious and cowardly attack on innocent civilians.”

He added that he believed that “This is yet another example of sectarian-based violence that the people of this country need to fight in order to bring this country to tranquility.

“The target has been selected to incite sectarian hatred, with utter disregard for human life and religious values,” he said.

Shortly after the attack occurred, a spinoff of al-Qaeda called the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant claimed to be responsible for it and accused the professors at the college of teaching their students to “curse” the Prophet Muhammad, and also training them to “fight” the Sunnis in both Syria and Iraq, according to the Blaze.

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