Ft. Hood Soldier’s Powerful Letter Demanding Right To Defend Himself On Base

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A soldier who survived the most recent shooting at Fort Hood penned a powerful letter to legislators dismantling their arguments for making military bases “gun free zones” and demanding the right to be able to defend himself while there.

First Lieutenant Patrick Cook from the 49th Transportation Battalion described the events that unfolded that tragic day with chilling detail and anger at the insane policies they’re forced to abide by.

His open letter was posted to his Facebook page for all to read, and recalled how he and a colleague tried to save a fellow soldier, Sgt. First Class Daniel Ferguson, who sacrificed himself to protect those who were around him in one final, selfless act.

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The point of his letter wasn’t to memorialize his brother-in-arms, as Cook admits to, but to demand that those in command repeal the policies that created the environment for such a tragedy to occur, not once but twice. He sentiments ring throughout all of America as we watch people get mercilessly gunned down by madmen who take advantage of “gun free zones,” which invite the criminal element with prey that they know to be unarmed.

Cook’s letter has touched the hearts of many who feel the same way he does, and was read before the Texas Senate at a hearing by a member of the Texas Army National Guard, Christopher Coleman, who wanted more people in power to hear his emotional plea to stop making members of the military victims while they’re at home. That is the video that is above.

As of now there hasn’t been any talk of changing the rules on bases, and many have actually argued that allowing concealed weapons on base would increase the likelihood of another massacre. Time will tell if those in charge have actually learned from these past two tragedies or if they’ll continue with more of the same, however with the way the national debate has progressed it’s unlikely anything will change anytime soon.

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Here is Cooks letter:

My letter to Congress, read today at Texas Senate committee on Constitutional Carry. It is now public record.

To my friends, fellow Texans, brothers in arms, members of the committee, and everyone within the sound of my voice, greetings.

My name is First Lieutenant Patrick Cook of the 49th Transportation Battalion, Fort Hood, Texas, and this past Wednesday I found myself trapped in an enclosed room with fourteen of my fellow Soldiers, one of whom was barricading the door against a madman with a .45 pistol when he was fatally shot. Through what I can only describe as a miracle, he somehow found enough strength to continue pushing against that door until the shooter gave up and went elsewhere, at which time he collapsed. Nearly a week later, I can still taste his blood in my mouth from when I and my comrades breathed into his lungs for 20 long minutes while we waited for a response from the authorities. This Soldier’s name was Sergeant First Class Daniel Ferguson, and his sacrifice loaned me the rest of my life to tell this story.

But I write to you today not to memorialize this brave Soldier, nor to tell a war story about how we made the best of a losing situation, but to express the part of that story that some in high positions of power clearly do not want told: I knew this was going to happen. I had been saying for five years that Fort Hood was a tinderbox of another massacre waiting to happen. It had to happen, because our betters failed to learn the obvious lesson of five years ago. Worse yet, I know it will happen again. More will die, more will be wounded, more families will be torn apart, needlessly. It happened again, and will happen again, because Fort Hood is a gun free zone.

When the first shots rang out, my hand reached to my belt for something that wasn’t there. Something that could have put a stop to the bloodshed, could have made it merely an “ugly incident” instead of the horrific massacre that I will surely remember as the darkest twenty minutes of my life. Stripped of my God-given Right to arm myself, the only defensive posture I had left was to lie prostrate on the ground, and wait to die. As the shooter kicked at the door, I remember telling myself, “oh well, this is it.” It is beneath human dignity to experience the utter helplessness I felt that day. I cannot abide the thought that anyone should ever feel that again.

At the point blank range at which this shooting occurred, anyone with an M9 and some basic instruction could have ended the mayhem as quickly as it began. An MP by trade and a CHL holder, I am convinced that concealed weapons would have stopped it, but openly carried side-arms, like the ones carried in a law enforcement capacity, could have prevented it entirely. Instead, many more died because of the fatally misguided restrictions on the carrying of arms, which obviously the madman did not respect.

I shall conclude by restating my warning. This will happen again, and again until we learn the lesson that suppressing the bearing of arms doesn’t prevent horrific crimes, it invites them. To those of you who hold elected office, if you hear nothing else I have told you, hear this: you have the power to stop the next massacre from happening. You have an opportunity to restore the sacred Right to bear arms, which has been either stripped entirely or unjustly relegated to the poor substitute of a probationary, government-issued privilege. For God’s sake, do the right thing.

Thank you for your attention, and good day.

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