Obama Voter’s Can’t Answer The Simplest Of Questions

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It’s definitely not a secret that when Obama ran for President there were many people who came out of the woodwork and voted even though they didn’t really know much about politics or why they were even voting to begin with. What helped his campaign tremendously was the obviously biased reporting on the candidates by the mainstream media.

In this video, we get to see just how true that was. Those who were staunch Obama supporters were asked a series of simple questions based off a national scientific poll that you would like to believe people who are casting a vote and deciding on the future of our nation would know, the problem is they didn’t. Not only did they not know the answers, but in attempting to answer some of the questions they proved to us all just biased the media is.

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The first, and most basic question they were asked was which party controlled Congress. Not surprisingly many answered “Republicans” and there were a few who didn’t even know.

To pry a little deeper into their political knowledge, the voters were asked about various politicians who are basically household names in the political arena. Again, the majority didn’t even know who the interviewer was talking about, and those who did couldn’t identify them beyond name recognition.

Now we would expect, to a point, that the average person isn’t going to know too much about politics as a whole since it can be a lot to keep up with all the time, however something weird happened when they were asked about Sarah Palin and remarks that she had made. Out of nowhere their ignorance was reversed and they could identify every controversial remark she made and everything the media eviscerated her for, and they didn’t even have to think about it.

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Perhaps the most troubling segment of the video is when they started to list off statements and actions that were done by Obama. Not only did their ignorance show again, but because of what they had been told by the media they believed them to either be Palin or McCain and if they didn’t know the answer they claimed that “it sounded like something Palin would do.” Needless to say, they were shocked to find out when it was Obama who had done those things.

Videos such as this show us beyond a reasonable doubt that if it weren’t for his strong support from the mainstream media, Obama more than likely wouldn’t have stood a chance in the election. Granted, being the first black presidential candidate will get a person some votes, however had there been truthful and objective reporting instead of nothing more than a cheerleading squad then the results would have been much different.

Truthfully, it’s the only way an inexperienced Senator from Chicago, who cast more “present” votes than any others, could have won a presidential election, twice.

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