Welfare Idiot Will Make Your Head Spin

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In a completely baffling phone call, a welfare recipient urged that America simply needs to open its borders as keeping illegal immigrants out is racist. Further making the heads of listeners spin, she went on to suggest that Obama pays her welfare check and that illegal immigrants pay taxes.

The segment with Michael Savage on The Savage Show began similar to that of a prank call. As the female caller, that Savage kept referring to as, “Joe,” explained, protecting America’s borders was racist as it didn’t allow anyone into the country that wanted entry.

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Savage immediately asks if the caller is pulling his leg.

Michael Savage

Suggesting that the caller doesn’t know what defines a nation (its borders) the radio personality suggests that the caller is about as clueless as her comments. Further demonstrating this point, Savage asks how many American’s live in the country to which she guesses and, at about double the population, says “600,000,000.”

Almost prompting Savage to laugh, he then asks how many citizens would be able to successfully sustain life in America, to which she has no answer. The answer to the problem though? Place income limits on Americans.

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Changing the direction of the conversation suddenly, Savage does his best to stay with the deluded woman saying, “so, in other words, It’s not the number of people here, it’s the amount of money people are making.”

Asking how much money “Joe” makes, she quickly relays that she is in fact on welfare – surprise, surprise. Pointing out why she is so “benevolent” with other people’s money, he then suggests that she should just pipe down as people who work for a living are paying her income.

She then proceeds to note that Savage is not paying her welfare check, and that in all reality, it is Obama who gives her money on the first of every month. Almost breaking out in hysterical laughter at this point, Savage asks where she thinks Obama gets that money from asking, “his own pocket?”

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“Joe,” then gives one last “face-palm” resulting comment sharing that illegal immigrants are the ones paying the taxes in this country.

Please ladies and gentlemen, let this brainwashed Liberal sheep have it in the comments below.

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