Obama And Holder To Pardon ‘Thousands’ Of Criminals

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Liz Goodwin of Yahoo News has just released a report about the executive pardoning system in Washington, and it looks like Obama’s getting set up to start cranking out clemency.

Goodwin reported that a senior official within the administration told her that with the way Obama and Holder are trying to revamp the system that “hundreds, perhaps thousands” of non-violent drug offenders could be pardoned by the President.

The report also said that during his second term Obama has spent time with his Attorney General looking in to the Office of the Pardon Attorney and how it appears to “reflexively reject” many petitions for a pardon. He and Holder are trying to devise a system that can more effectively handle large numbers of requests as a result.

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She found that Holder has already composed a memo that describes a “more robust use of the pardon power” as an attempt to reform the criminal justice system, which both men believe to be inherently racist. To help enact their plan, Holder has requested seven new aides for his office and Obama has personally met with the attorneys within the Pardon Office to tell them to end the practice of rejecting pardon petitions so easily.

Obama is no stranger to letting criminals out of jail. Back when Congress failed to reach a deal and there was a temporary shutdown of the government he authorized the release of thousands of illegal aliens, and he’s also repeatedly made the claim that sentencing guidelines are racially biased to punish black offenders more harshly. So one could only expect that with this new streamlined process and nothing to lose by not facing reelection in 2016 that he’ll be passing out pardons as if it were going out of style.

Do you think it’s a good idea to start granting mass pardons? Let us know with a comment.

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