Is The Government Scheming On How To Get Back At Bundy?

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As the government is undoubtedly licking its wounds after its public loss against the Nevada rancher and the make-shift militia, few have been speculating on what’s next. Perhaps some of the most extensive and detailed theories have brought forward by’s David Hathaway.

The government does not make a habit of having demands dictated to them. When in fact this does happen, as it surely did in Nevada, you can rest assured that the government has not yet put in their last word.

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In an effort to remedy such an occurrence, Hathaway suggests that the government is currently amongst the process of reversing any such actions that stands today. Despite the government having backed down, there is no doubt that behind the scenes, far away from public scrutiny, they are scheming how to once again sit upon their unchallenged and dominant throne.

In an effort to do so, a well thought out plan must be generated that will surely place all blame back upon the appropriate parties and will warrant government presence once again. This time they will come prepared – with more guns, and more public backing.

Hathaway suggests, “The following factors all affect the time-line for the response which I estimate to be in about three weeks, give or take a week or two.” First the government will start out by conducting a series of back room court proceedings in which they will strive to rule that they were in fact right in their actions.

According to Hathaway:

It will be blatantly prejudicial to the eventual case presented for indictment but, there is no “other side” in this process to object.  There is just a prosecutor, government agents, and the grand jury eating doughnuts in a little room.  Period.  The massaging of the jury’s mindset is done long before they are shown case-specific information.  This process can go on for a week.  It is not adversarial.  It is a one-sided show.  There is no defense.  It is designed to paint a picture of a general evil class of people.

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After indictments are made (which Hathaway notes is always the case), and the manufactured court case, appearing in a biasless light, has come to a close, it’s time to draw up battle plans. The previous steps were thought to take you right up until the three week mark.

Hathaway writes:

“So, all of that puts us at three weeks.  The three weeks also gives a period of apparent peace and quiet.  It will be hoped that this quiet period will cause any supporters to give up and go home.  Agents from other agencies will be enticed, probably with notices going out right now, to volunteer for an all-expense paid week living on the Las Vegas strip at taxpayer expense enjoying wine, women, and song at a premier hotel.  This is one of the possible approaches against the Bundys.”

Of course if this doesn’t work, speculation gestures that there are other means in which the government can sway the public’s mind in favor of their potential and desired actions. Suggesting that the government will try and trap ranchers like the Bundy’s through surveillance and phones taps, they will have to stoop to even lower methods after they realize that’s not going to work.

“That won’t work since cowboys are wary and hard to trap, so provocateurs will try to find a bozo in a cowboy hat and suggest to him, after he consumes a 12-pack purchased by the provocateur, that the drunk pretend cowboy and his new found friend should have some fun and smash some turtles out in the desert.  The feds would then save us from that fate just on the cusp of it occurring with federal planning, financing, and taxpayer purchased plastic turtle props.  It would be made clear in press releases that no real turtles were harmed, lest we worry.  The federal press releases for this activity would be glorious and be seen by most being read verbatim by a horrified network newsreader tossing her hair incredulously while sports scores scroll underneath the screen.  A hammer over a turtle outline could be the graphic floating next to the newsreader’s head.”

Eventually the public will be punished (as well as learn their lesson), and any ranchers in the surrounding area will surely feel the thud of the government’s fists as they thrust it down during their temper tantrum. For a much more detailed analysis on the speculated approach, feel free to read Hathaway’s entire article here.

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In the mean time, let us know what you think. Is the government secretly scheming on how to punish the American people for their misdeeds? Let us know in a comment below.

(h/t: Lew Rockwell)

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