White Man Victim Of Brutal Hate Crime On NYC Bus

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An aspiring actor from Astoria was the victim of an absolutely brutal hate crime after trying to help a fellow passenger on a New York City bus.

Only identified as “Ken,” he was on a Westbound M-60 bus when the incident occurred on 125th street. He said that another passenger had asked him where the bus traveled to so he went to ask the driver. On his way to the front is when he encountered the racist black man.

“A gentleman asked me for directions, ‘does the bus stop at 116?’, so I went to ask the driver,” Ken says, “I was passing through the bus and there was a gentleman staring at me.”

He said at that point the man called him a “cracker” and accused him of being in his face. Ken says that he explained it was a crowded bus and that he wasn’t actually in his face.

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“He just attacked me,” Ken said. The attack also caused people to flee the bus in panic although nobody else was injured.

The man first hit Ken with a sucker punch right between his eyes, then proceeded to land several more punishing blows with a close fist, causing massive damage to his nose and eye.

“I’m just like, ‘wow, this really hurts’, I could feel my nose break, and there was blood gushing all over,” Ken recalled.

The attack caused him to have to consult a reconstructive surgeon in order to fix the damage, which is being done pro bono by a local doctor.

“My nose was broken in two places – I have two stitches, my eye was closed,” said Ken.

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Surveillance cameras on the bus captured an image of the man, who was able to disappear before police arrived on the scene. Police said the incident will be investigated as a hate crime, but no other information is available about it.

As for Ken, he has his own theory on what happened. “He seemed like he was out of his mind to be honest, he seemed a little deranged,” he said. “I don’t know if he was in prison before, or a mental patient, but he seemed very angry like he wanted to hurt somebody.”

These incidents appear to be happening more frequently yet there’s a lack of media coverage on them. When the situations are reversed, you can bet your bottom dollar it will get wall-to-wall coverage to increase racial tensions, however there’s relative silence when it comes to the reverse. The double standard is not only dangerous, but it doesn’t allow for honest discourse so that we may effectively tackle the issues at hand.

What doesn’t help any of this is the fact that as far as the national conversation on race is concerned, only white people can be racist, everyone else is just proud of their heritage. Only in America can such targeted attacks go unnoticed by the very people who claim they are proponents of trying to end all racism.

The problem is, it first must be properly identified.

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