Two Black Men Beat Up White Cop

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Two men who were charged with assaulting police after getting into a brawl with officers at a Coney Island fast food restaurant claim they’re the victims, and they say that the video of the fight will prove it.

The two brothers, Tywonn Mitchell, 20, and Naybon Moore, 26, said that the officers were following them while they were driving to Grandy’s Coney Island in Detroit, then began to profile them and tailed them to the restaurant.

When they pulled in, they said the officers followed and nearly hit their vehicle before backing away and parking. After this they assumed everything was okay so they proceeded to enter the restaurant.

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The officers followed them inside and questioned if one of the brothers had said something to them in the parking lot, then demanded to see ID from them. Knowing their rights (one brother studies criminal justice and the other is studying law), they asked the officers what they had done wrong for them to have to provide identification, which can be heard in the video.

At that point one of the officers tried to put his hands on one of the brothers, who flipped them away. Apparently the officer didn’t like that because he immediately took a swing at the young man, punching him in the face and then followed up by hitting his brother.

That’s when the brawl began.

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After things died down they were both taken into custody and charged with assault and battery on a police officer, obstruction of justice, and resisting arrest. However they claim to be the real victims who were merely reacting to excessive use of force by the officers.

The two cops said that when they were investigating inside the restaurant that one of them had extended their hand and asked for Id from one of the brothers, who slapped his hand away. They said that is what caused them to have to use force on the two.

The Detroit Police Department says that the officers both admitting to using force when the incident happened and that a full investigation into the matter would be conducted.

The investigation found that the officer’s use of force was deemed appropriate and reasonable after they thoroughly reviewed the footage from the incident and interviewed the two brothers.

Do you think that the force they used was appropriate or did the cops step over the line? Let us know with a comment!

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