PHOTOS: Citizens Violently React To Police Abuse Of Power

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In an outstanding turn of events, it seems that a local Chinese population has retaliated against their even oppressive government foot soldiers. After hearing about an overstep of their legal (and physical) authority, citizens banded together to beat the local police responsible, leaving two in critical condition.

Demonstrating the discrete rise in social tensions between the Chinese government and its people, a gang of over 1,000 residents joined together to publicly voice their outrage. The incident reportedly began when 5 Chengguan municipal police officers began harassing and eventually beating a woman on the streets.

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That specific police force is known for their abuse of power as they continue to “enforce” the laws pertaining to street vendors. As one man couldn’t bear to watch, he stepped in but was immediately retaliated against by being beaten with a hammer.

The man, 36 year-old Mr. Huang, reportedly later died on the way to the hospital on account of the complications from his injuries. News quickly spread throughout local social media and protesters came out in an effort to voice their indignation.

As more people gather, tension and feelings in the area evolved into anger and destruction until they finally cornered the police officers responsible. They eventually locked themselves in their van but were unable to vacate the area fast enough.


The protest quickly turned to a riot where demonstrators became increasingly violent as members of the crowd were heard shouting, “Kill them, kill them!” The officers were then beaten with anything rioters could get their hands on such as bricks, bats, and stones.

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The violence ensued until well after the men were unconscious and bleeding profusely. From there, the men were dragged from their vehicle and beaten some more.

An ambulance had even attempted a rescue at one point, but was quickly toppled over by enraged rioters as well. Although initial reports indicated that the five officers may have been killed in the attacks, its seems that they were just injured leaving two in critical condition.


As emotions continued to rise in the area, 100 riot police were soon ordered to swarm the area where tensions were quickly squashed. When all was said and done, 10 people were arrested who were thought responsible for stoking the excitement of the crowd.

According to the South China Morning Post, “The mass disturbance was the latest in a long line of violence incidents between the members of the public and the urban management force, or chengguan, whose main duties are dealing with illegal street vendors. The bureaucrats’ image has been marred by repeated media reports of their use of excessive force while carrying out their duties, sometimes resulting in injuries and even death.”


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Take a look below at some more of the damage that came at the hands of rioters:









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What do you guys think – will these officers ever lay a hand on another citizen again? Let us know your thoughts in a comment below.

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