What This Liberal Says About Not Working Will Drive You INSANE

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Generally speaking, when someone doesn’t have a job it’s because they either can’t find one or because they have some sort of ailment that prevents them from working, but that’s generally speaking. There are many out there who just refuse to get a job because they feel they’re above having to work for their money, and the girl in this video is one of those people.

The eight-minute clip is of her explaining why she shouldn’t have to work for her money and it all boils down to one word, entitlement. She would rather be a societal leech than actually endure the hardships of having to actually degrade herself and get a job, as if degrading herself any further were even possible.

(Parasites Praising Obama After Being Given Their “Free” EBT Cards)

She feels she’s far too talented to do what the rest of us do daily, and tries to justify it by explaining she doesn’t care about money in the least, but forgets that someone has to pay for her pathetic existence. These are the very people who are pushing our nation further towards collapse, sucking off of the taxpayers and doing nothing to be productive to society to help pay for all the wonderful programs she’ll more than likely depend on when her parents kick her out.

You’ll really love the end of the video where her entitled attitude and disrespect for others shines when an interaction with her mother is captured.

This is the attitude and behavior promoted by progressives so that they can buy their votes with “free” government money. After all, if it weren’t for the dregs of society voting for the party that will take care of them from cradle-to-grave then they wouldn’t have much of a voting base.

People like this are the reason our welfare systems need to be reformed, so we can prevent those who are able but unwilling to work from being perpetual leeches on the rest of us who work hard for our money. It’s long past time we stop rewarding the lazy and start making them work for their money, like the rest of us have to.

(UNBELIEVABLE VIDEO: “It’s Free, Swipe Your EBT”)

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