Meet The Real-Life Easter Bunny

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Most people will tell you that the Easter Bunny isn’t real, but as for the Edwards family, they’d probably tell you otherwise. Coming in at a whopping 50 pounds, their pet rabbit Darius, is the world’s largest bunny and his birthday falls right around Easter every year.

Darius’s owner, 62-year-old Annette Edwards, explains that his massive size has earned the 4’3″ rabbit a place in the Guinness World Records. Although Darius is a special breed of giant rabbit, take a look at his diet and you may start to understand his larger physique.


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According to Edwards he eats more than “360 carrots, 30 apples and 15 cabbages a month,” costing her an even more staggering $4,000 a year. Darius’s owner has relayed that she is considering putting him on a diet to combat his massive size.


His large exterior however is directly related to his personality as the bumbling bunny is playful, well tempered and extremely gentle. According to Ms. Edwards, “Darius eats me out of house and home but he is very active which is good for his health. Luckily he likes to hop around all the time. I had to put a child gate on the stairs to stop him going up there.”

She goes on to explain, “I treat him like a dog. He even sits on the sofa with me to watch TV. The family all love him and he has a mischievous glint in his eye.” Expressing why he just may in fact be the Easter bunny, Edwards notes, “He really is the real-life Easter bunny, as his birthday is in April and it always falls around Easter.”


So how exactly did Ms. Edwards get Darius to grow so big? She relays, “There is no secret to growing the world’s biggest rabbit. I treat him really well and indulge him in the odd carrot or 12.”

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Of course, genetics may come into play here as Darius mother was also quite large, and in fact held the title of the world’s largest rabbit before him. Ms. Edwards shares, “Darius is from a family of giant rabbits but he is the biggest bunny in history. It’s amazing just how big he is.”


She does however mention that his appetite should be considered with looking at his size. “If Darius had his way he would never stop eating. He is very greedy. I have to really watch him.” She goes on to say though that it all equals out because, “He has a great personality and so I can’t be too angry when he is trying to sneak more food.”

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