Obama Used Tax Preparation Services To Inflate Obamacare Numbers

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The late surge in Obamacare’s enrollment numbers can only be attributed to one thing, tax preparation companies that urged their clients to enroll in the healthcare exchanges when getting their taxes done.

H&R Block along with Jackson-Hewitt both partnered up with online insurance brokers to steer their customers towards insurance plans that were offered by the companies, according to the DailyCaller. Between the two tax preparation companies, over 20 million people had the returns prepared and all 20 million were urged to sign up.

Neither company will actually admit to how many people they helped enroll, and neither will the Center for Medicare and Medicaid.

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As the Caller notes, H&R Block employees and their family members gave Obama more money in campaign contributions than any other candidate in history, and he was also the fourth all-time recipient in donations from Jackson-Hewitt employees.

Jackson-Hewitt employees began asking their customers earlier this year “Do you have health insurance, and, if not, would you like to look at your coverage options under the Affordable Care Act?”

According to the Caller, two days after the tax filing deadline of April 15 Obama announced enrollment numbers of 8 million people, and the numbers appeared to have a surge in the remaining days prior to the 15th with there being an additional million enrollees within just over a couple week period.

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