See What This Boy Saw In The Afterlife When He Briefly Died

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For centuries Christians have asked the question of what Jesus Christ looks like, well one 14-year-old boy apparently has the answer to that question after he nearly died back in 2003 and said that he met Christ first-hand.

According to The Blaze, Colton Burpo described Christ as having “brown hair, brown beard, a very bright smile — brightest that I’ve ever seen.” He also said that “his eyes were just beautiful sea blue.”

A new film, “Heaven is For Real” chronicles Colton’s story of nearly dying and walking in heaven with Christ and his deceased family members.

Apparently after his experience, Colton and his family spent years trying to find an image that resembled the description he gave but were unsuccessful until 2006. Colton’s father, Todd Burpo, saw a segment on CNN hosted by Glenn Beck that featured a young artists named Akiane Kramarik.

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An avid painter as well as a poet, Kramarik says that she began having vivid visions in which God would speak to her when she was just a young child, only four years old. This caused her to begin drawing and painting pictures of Christ and the heavens in detail based upon what she saw during her visions.

During Beck’s segment on the girl, he featured a video package that included one of her paintings that was titled “Prince of Peace” and featured a highly detailed portrait of Christ, which Colton’s father saw.

Todd, who’s a Christian pastor, immediately knew that the painting he saw was what his son had described when he visited heaven so he told his son, who eagerly agreed.

Colton said that when he saw the painting on TV he thought to himself “That they finally got one right.”

He and his father both believe that the consistencies between that painting and the description that Colton gave of Christ help to solidify his story, and there’s a really good reason why. Colton and Kramarik had never met, never exchanged stories, and certainly didn’t know what the other was thinking yet both of their stories are freakishly similar.

“I understand why some people would say well isn’t it convenient that you’re a pastor — and would you have written about it if your son hadn’t seen a Christian version of heaven?” Burpo said. “And I can understand that perspective, but that’s where [Kramarik’s] story is so incredible, because her parents were atheists. Never been to church a day in her life and Jesus started visiting her.”

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Being a pastor, Burpo said that his son’s accounts of what happened helped him to solidify his own beliefs and give him a more clear picture of what heaven and Christ are really like, as well as reaffirm to him that there’s really an afterlife.

“I’ve always had high regard for Scripture but the Bible is confusing about heaven at best. There’s verses here and there and they’re all kind of mixed up. They don’t draw out a very good picture,” he said. “You know you have to trust God. You know hell is way worse than heaven. But what is heaven like? Streets are gold, gates are made of pearl. But it is very minimal on details.”

He even took it further and explained that everything his son has said is consistent with all of the pieces he’s believed and it has helped him to connect the dots in a lot of areas. He continued, “And so now my picture is fuller. It’s more concrete. I can touch it better because I know how those pieces fit together and for me that’s added a lot of peace to me.”

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