Air Pollution Is Racist, According To New Study

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There’s an insane new claim being made by researchers at the University of Minnesota – air pollution is racist against minorities. Yeah, that’s what I just said.

In studying different factors, the study found that race played a larger role than income regarding who is most impacted by poor air quality, according to the Daily Caller.

Apparently minorities in America breathe in air with up to 38% more nitrogen dioxide than white people due to car exhaust and their closer proximity to power plants, the study found.

It would seem as though even the people who conducted the study aren’t even convinced that it’s entirely true.

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The lead researcher in the study, Julian Marshall, told the Minnesota Post that “We were quite surprised to find such a large disparity between whites and nonwhites related to air pollution.” Adding “Especially the fact that this difference is throughout the U.S., even in cities and states in the Midwest.”

Marshall claimed that the main factors in deciding who’s most affected by pollution are race and income, but that “In our findings, however, race matters more than income.”

The Caller points out that nitrogen dioxide is already being monitored by the EPA, along with ozone, carbon monoxide and lead and that this study may in fact be a false alarm.

According to the EPA, air pollutants in America have been on a downward trend since the 1980’s and nitrogen dioxide levels have fallen 60% since 1980. Their data collection also shows that urban areas have seen a dramatic decrease in pollutants, and in New York City nitrogen dioxide levels have steadily decreased since 1990.

However even with the large improvements in air quality over the past decades, the EPA and media tend to ring the alarmist bells and will only report on the effects of air pollution rather than how well mitigation efforts have worked since 1970.

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The Caller points out that Joel Schwartz from the American Enterprise Institute explained what the media and EPA have been doing in an article from 2007 where he wrote “the public thinks that air pollution has been steady or even rising over the last few decades, that it will worsen in the future, and that it is still a serious threat to people’s health.”

He continued and said that most everything the public knows about air pollution is false, and “Through exaggeration and sometimes even outright fabrication, the main purveyors of the story—journalists, government regulators, environmentalists, and even health scientists—have created public fear out of all proportion to the actual risks.”

It’s no secret that the effects of air pollution are exaggerated in order to push the climate change myth, however to somehow try to tie race with the effects of air pollution seems to be taking things just a bit too far, wouldn’t you say? However it seems to tie in lovely with the other fear tactics that are used to sway public opinion, which is probably why the ultra-left website ThinkProgress immediately jumped on board with the findings and used a separate study to back it up.

They’re reporting that the latest study echoes the findings from a study done in 2012 by Yale University that found that “‘potentially dangerous compounds such as vanadium, nitrates and zinc’ exist in locations with high concentrations of people of color, including African-Americans, Hispanics, and Asians.”

So there you have it, folks. Air pollution is officially racist according to the left, along with babies, dogs, conservatives, and probably even insects at this point.

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