Obama Administration Warns “Confrontational” Kids Are Terrorists

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As the government continues down their path of oppressive tactics in order to ensure a compliant population, the Obama administration has recently recruited the helps of all parents alike in the search for domestic terrorism.  The only problem is that the government claims that parent’s own “confrontational” kids could be the source of potential American destruction.

The news comes directly from the White House where White House counterterrorism and Homeland Security adviser Lisa Monaco expresses the need for parents to keep and ever-diligent eye on their children.  Monaco urges parents to monitor closely for “confrontational” behavior as it may be indicative of future terrorism.

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In effort to spread the panic a bit more, she even went so far as to insist that parents watch for, “sudden personality changes in their children at home.”  Despite puberty probably being the largest contributor to such an outcome, the government remains adamant in their directions.

After hypothetically asking exactly what parents should look for, she answered her own question by stating, “For the most part, they’re not related directly to plotting attacks. They’re more subtle. For instance, parents might see sudden personality changes in their children at home—becoming confrontational.”


Recruiting parents as their own surveillance agents, Monaco explains that, “the government is rarely in a position to observe these early signals.”  Expressing the need to seek out, “homegrown extremism,” as soon as possible, parents play a crucial role in the identification of terrorist children.

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Since Obama has taken office, the government agenda to transform the definition of “domestic terrorism,” has become somewhat of a priority.  Including characteristics that cover much of the population, it seems that those being deemed the most dangerous are coincidentally the direct opposition to the left.

Proving that those who don’t agree with the progressive agenda are unfairly being labeled terrorists was Harry Reid just yesterday.  Declaring that the anyone in support of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy was effectively a, “domestic terrorist,” their agenda has become transparently clear.

Giving just one last hard-hitting example of government bias, Infowars reports, “A Homeland Security study leaked in 2012 upped the ante even further, demonizing Americans who are “suspicious of centralized federal authority,” and “reverent of individual liberty” as “extreme right-wing” terrorists.”

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One can only speculate that as the government shifts its focus upon American citizens, it leaves our beloved country vulnerable to potential foreign attacks.  Despite this being the case, it appears that the government is more worried about remaining in control rather than not initiating a civil war.

What do you guys think – is this ridiculous? And what does it say about the current state of our government? Let us know in a comment below.

(h/t: Infowars)

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