Student’s EPIC Reaming Of A Teacher, And He’s Dead On

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Nearly a year ago Jeff Bliss went on an epic rant against his high school teacher, calling her out for her lack of passion in her job and how current teaching methods are pretty much useless.

He made several good points, especially considering the revelations we’ve seen concerning Common Core and the backwards manner of thinking that went into creating the standards for it.

Most people would agree that the standardization of schooling nationwide is actually bringing everybody down to the lowest common denominator, especially given that Common Core is set up to increase test scores only and not actually promote free thought.

It also makes everybody the same and kills individualism, and that’s what Bliss was talking about when he said that teachers need to touch the hearts of students. Nobody wants to be like everyone else, and stifling creativity by not allowing open debate is probably the worst thing that can happen to a young and impressionable mind.

Are you a fan of common core or do you think it should be done away with? Let us know with a comment!

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