Never Before Seen Video From Trayvon Martin’s Cell Phone

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We’re all familiar with the narrative that the media repeated throughout George Zimmerman’s trial for the murder of Trayvon Martin. They told us he was this sweet and innocent young teen who never caused any trouble and that there’s no possible way he was up to no good the night he was killed.

Many people fell for the media hype, and united against Zimmerman as a cold-blooded killer, but there was still a large segment of the nation who knew better and didn’t fall for the trap.

As more time passes we’re seeing evidence mount that shows us who the real Trayvon Martin was, and he was nothing like what we were told.

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This video was allegedly taken from his cell phone and posted to a YouTube account under the profile name “TrayvonGeorge.” It shows a group of teens, who would have been around Martin’s age, appearing to pick a fight with another teen on a bicycle.

As the two teens go at it, there is laughing heard in the background along with chatter that can’t really be made out. However at the end of the video, the driver of the green minivan mumbles something to do with getting paid and finding a way to pay him his money, leading us to believe that this was some sort of thuggish action in order to intimidate someone to pay them.

Without context it’s hard to say for certain what the attack was for, however the behavior demonstrated isn’t exactly the type that would be conducted by a model citizen, wouldn’t you say?

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