EXPOSED: Suppressed Cell Phone Photos From Trayvon Martin’s Phone

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As the tension around the Trayvon Martin case has since died down, a whole new controversy may be just around the corner.  Recently released were some photos from Trayvon’s phone, ordered sealed by the prosecution, that portray Trayvon as the drug using thug he really was.

Race baiters and main stream media mouthpieces that attempted to turn this into a racist hate crime really had to work hard to conceal the facts.  Although we know the thug was 17, circulated around the media were pictures of a small child in order to play on emotion.

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Want to see what he really looked like?  Does this 6’3” muscular young man look like the innocent, angelic, child Al Sharpton portrayed him to be?


Another interesting aspect of the case came about as crime scene photos were released.  Although everyone was so adamant that Trayvon purchased an iced tea, this was absolutely not the case.  But why the need to conceal such a thing.

Well, when you take a look at the purchase of his watermelon juice, in combination with his notorious skittles, the picture becomes quite a bit clearer.  We already knew Trayvon was into drugs, and no court order or effort by the prosecution could have hindered that.


All across his social media profiles were photos of drugs along with Trayvon bragging about his illicit activities.  According to findings, Trayvon was even so far in that he was growing marijuana and selling it as well as prescription codeine.



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So how do drug users take prescription codeine?

According to LiveLeak, the drug is “mixed with a flavored drink and candy, and skittles is the favorite candy of choice when making a drinkable drug called LEAN and DMX.” Now yes, this could have been just a coincidence, but the implications were validated further during his autopsy.


Codeine has quite the effect on the body, and as the coroner discovered, his liver was already showing signs of damage.  Curious for a 17 year old man.

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the entire case surrounding Trayvon Martin, is how the mainstream media was able to pervert the image of a genuine thug into that of a harmless child.  Seeing the many cases of actual hate crimes, in which the likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson go unheard, it’s a surprise how this was made news.

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This could only be answered as it was made to fit a progressive agenda.  Just take for instance this brutal tragedy that is a hate crime by any standards, but was failed to be reported on by the main stream media (CAUTION: EXREMELY GRAPHIC):

“How about some justice for Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian, homosexually raped by a gang of racist black animals, his dick cut off, set him on fire, then shot him, his girlfriend forced to watch, then after he was dead, they then gang raped her in every hole for 4 days, urinated in her mouth, cut off one of her breasts all while she was alive, poured bleach down her throat to conceal DNA, set her on fire then shot her to death.”

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(h/t: LiveLeak)

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