Man Tased 4 Times And Still Fights Police

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A man in Arizona ended up dead after an altercation with police where he was tased four times and seemed un-phased, continuing to fight police.

Edward Michael Caruth was said to have barricaded himself in the bathroom at Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steakburgers in West Valley, Arizona where he clogged the sinks then turned on the faucets, flooding the entire restroom.

After catching on to Caruth’s frightening and strange behavior, one of the employees called police who then sent two officers to the scene to attempt to subdue the 38-year-old man.

Officer James Holmes with the Phoenix Police Department said that the store clerk told the dispatcher that Caruth had been inside the business for quite some time and was scaring the employees. “He had gone into a restroom, barricaded himself in the restroom and then turned on the water faucets causing the restrooms to flood.”

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After flooding out the restrooms Caruth then turned to harassing the employees of the restaurant by trying to get behind the counter and going into the kitchen area. Holmes said that “An employee that had been behind the counter actually grabbed a kitchen knife and threatened him with it and told him to stay back and the suspect did.”

Upon the officer’s arrival, Caruth would only comply with getting on his knees and refused to put his hands behind his back, according to Holmes.

Once the officers tried to take the man into custody things took a turn for the worse.

“At that point he became physically resistant with the officers to the point where they were in a physical battle, if you will, for three, four, five minutes trying to get this guy into custody,” Holmes said.

After Caruth lost his cool and lashed out at the officers, they tried to pin him to the ground and handcuff him and he completely lost it. He got back to his feet, becoming even more violent and swinging at the police with giant, windmill type punches.

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The officers tased him at least four times, and according to the video he appeared to have been being tased twice at the same time at one point. The tasers had zero affect on him, and the fight made its way out into the parking lot of the restaurant.

Eventually two more officers arrived on the scene and they were all able to subdue him and bring him into custody, however police say that he started showing signs of distress.

The officers immediately took Caruth to the local hospital, where he later died for currently unknown causes.

“We don’t know what caused his behavior,” said Holmes. “In these cases we suspect that there may be prescription drugs or illegal drugs. We won’t know that until there’s an autopsy.”

An autopsy has been scheduled for Caruth to determine his exact cause of death.

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