Anti-NRA Protestors Are Totally Clueless To Facts

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MRCTV’s Dan Joseph decided to go and interview a group of anti-NRA protestors that were demonstrating at a National Rifle Association event earlier in the week, and the people he talked to were something special to say the least.

The video above does an excellent job of capturing exactly what the gun-grabbers really think when they say things like “common sense gun control,” and talk about further restricting the rights of the law abiding.

One of the protestors flat out blamed the NRA for the irresponsible use of firearms that caused people to die last year, while another said that they don’t believe we should even have the right to defend ourselves, even if we’re in danger, because only law enforcement should carry a firearm.

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Yet another claimed that “people who go out and buy a bunch of guns” are just paranoid and misinformed.

No matter how you look at it, the people shown in this video are the same people who claim the gun lobby, which is people like you and I who love our firearms, is controlling the nation and needs to be stopped at all costs.

They show us, without question, that the massive misinformation campaign that’s being perpetrated by the media is working for the ignorant and uninformed. Groups like Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, and Mayors Against Illegal Guns purposefully mislead people into believing their own set of “facts” in order to sway public opinion and change the laws surrounding our natural rights, and what you see here is the result.

Do you think the NRA is the reason for all of the gun violence? Let us know with a comment.

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