High-Schooler Suspended For Bright Yellow Squirt Gun

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Yet another student has fallen victim to the unbiased zero-tolerance policy as he was suspended after a bright yellow water pistol fell out of his backpack.  Forwarded to the principal’s office, the young man was suspended for a whopping 10 days as punishment for the severity of his crimes.

Although many parents in the community have spoken out in disbelief, it appears that the school’s administration remains unwavering in the sentence they have dished out. District Superintendent Bill Webster explained just that as he shared that those were simply what the rules dictated.

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Saying he could not further mention on the incident as they were still investigating the matter he went on to share:

“I can say that a student bringing a water pistol to school will, at first, be told that they are being suspended from school for 10 days,” he said in a statement. “We then work to get more facts and complete a review that often results in a reduction of the suspension period. Also, it is not uncommon for other factors to enter into the suspension decision, including the level of student cooperation.”

Adding insult to injury, Webster also relayed the snide remark that the student should consider himself lucky. Why? Because other public school districts wouldn’t have thought twice before outright expelling the boy.

Despite the fact that no one would feel “lucky” in this instance, it appears that the public is becoming quite tired with the whole zero-tolerance policy.  As many children (and in so, parents) are being unfairly disciplined without consideration being given to the circumstance or related facts, is seems the nation is moving away from the undiscriminating policy.

Many legislatures have sought, from both sides of the aisle, to do away with the idea claiming it does more harm than good.  This however, doesn’t address the anti-gun hysteria that still circles above local public school districts.

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As things such as drawing a gun, or even placing your fingers into the shape of a gun is viewed as threatening and treated as such, there has to be a line drawn on acceptable punishment.  Something that can not harm another human, should be looked at as such – not as if they’re the next homicidal maniac intent on raging into a school with guns blazing.

Let us know what you think of school’s zero-tolerance policies regarding “guns” (and by that, we mean fake and imaginary) by leaving a comment below.

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