#Mamming: Why Woman Are Putting Their Boobs On Stuff

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As breast cancer continues to threaten the lives of women all around the world, many have become increasingly concerned.  In an attempt to raise awareness, a group of women have created what they are calling, “mamming”: a craze where women put their boobs on stuff.

According to cancer.org, about 232,340 women were newly diagnosed with invasive breast cancer and 39,620, died from the disease.  As we all know, the best way to combat cancer is to detect it early, and treat it in a similar manner.

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In order to do this however, cancer needs to be found before the body usually even knows it’s there.  One way in which woman can determine whether or not they have cancerous cells in their body – or more specifically, breasts – women are being urged to get mammograms every year past the age of 40.

Seeing how this drastically increases your chances of survival from breast cancer, through early diagnosis, some women don’t seem to be taking the threat as seriously as they should.  To combat this mentality, and perhaps give a boost to the few lackadaisical folk, women have sought to bring attention to the matter by putting their (clothed) breasts on things.

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Dubbing the sensation, hopeful of going viral, mamming, women are instructed to place their breasts on inanimate – or even living if acceptable – objects to help boost the conversation.  As many women are picking up on the trend, feel free to take a peek at the pics below for more of the creative mamming adventurers:










What do you guys think – is this just a way to get publicity for the creators, or is this an actual worthwile effort? Let us know your thoughts in a comment below.


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