New Trend Among Liberal Women: Going Bra-less

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There’s another new fashion trend that liberal women are engaging in, only this time it’s not because they’re protesting anything like women in the 70’s were.

Holly wood stars have started the trend of leaving their bras in the closet when they go out for a night on the town, some of which include Kim Kardashian, Gwyneth Paltrow, Miranda Kerr, and Kelly Brook.

For the longest time it’s been said that not wearing a bra can be bad for a woman’s health. They can develop back pain or have their breasts hanging so low that they’re in the same area code as their knees, so why are these women doing it?

New research apparently suggests that their bras may be the cause of these problems, and not the solution to them. It also found that wearing a bra doesn’t even prevent breasts from sagging or relieve women’s back pain at all.

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Researchers at the University of Besancon in France have spent the last 15 years studying breasts and the effects that bras have them, what a gig right?

Their studies have shown that not wearing a bra increases the strength in the breast muscles which can help prevent them from sagging over time.

The man who led the charge on the research, Professor Rouillon, said that it’s his opinion that not the “absence of a bra could keep breasts in shape,” as well as prevent those pesky back aches women can get.

“The decision not to a wear a bra appeals to women in terms of comfort and aesthetics. Contrary to popular belief, the breast does not fall, but tightens and lifts, and the quality of the skin improves,” he explained.

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According to the good professor, 42% of the women in the study “felt discomfort” only for the first three months of not wearing their bras, then it faded away. He also said that none of the women were in pain and that their daily activities weren’t hindered, which also included engaging in sports.

Oddly enough even with his findings the Professor said that he wouldn’t recommend getting rid of their bras altogether just yet. He said that his study only involved a small amount of women and that the long-term effects of setting them free aren’t known.

Previous research has actually shown that if a woman doesn’t wear a sports bra when she’s exercising she can damage her breasts since the ligaments that support them are not elastic, and therefore can be stretched or torn if her breasts bounce excessively during repetitive or high impact sports.

Sorry guys.

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[H/T: DailyMail]

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