Fox News Announces Major Change

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Fox News has announced an interesting new panel show which will begin airing on the network on April 28. The show, which will be called “Outnumbered”, will be a welcome change to Fox’s normally male-dominated programming. “Outnumbered” will feature a panel of four women and one man, who will discuss politics and pop culture with a mostly female perspective.

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Jay Wallace, Senior Vice President of news, said in a statement:

“‘Outnumbered’ combines a distinctive group of Fox talent with unique experiences and insights that will make for compelling news programming. We look forward to once again pushing the envelope with the addition of this new show and are confident the revised line-up will only strengthen the FNC brand.”

The show’s male panelist will change daily, while the female talent will alternate between such Fox News favorites as Sandra Smith, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Andrea Tantaros, Katie Pavlich and Kirsten Powers. All of the ladies will continue with their usual duties on other news segments with the network in addition to “Outnumbered”.

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The new hourlong program will air daily at noon. During each segment, the panelists will examine the top news of the hour, and deliberate the leading pop culture and relationship issues dominating the headlines that day.

What do you think of Fox’s upcoming new show? Will you be tuning in? Let us know in the comments section!

H/T: Variety


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