Obama’s Birth Certificate EXPOSED: Made In Adobe


April 17, 2014 12:06pm PST

The birther conspiracy theory is nothing new, but according to recent reports, the truth may be coming into the blinding light.  Exposed by an Obama supporter, it appears as though Obama’s birth certificate may have been constructed in Adobe Illustrated.

As the battle continues to march on with Sheriff Joe Arpaio leading the way, more than astounding new evidence has recently been discovered.  Apparently, when downloaded off the White House website, the document is able to be broken down into about a dozen or so layers.

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Had this certificate been authentic, there is no way possible for this to have been the case, as it would appear as one solid piece.  However, when opened with a program designed for image enhancing, the creators have left open the option to view layers instead of solidifying the document.

This was proven the case after Josh Darville, a diehard Obama believer on the matter, accidentally exposed the document for what it is.  Recently attempting to prove to birthers that Obama’s birth certificate wasn’t a forgery, he took to investigating it himself.  From there, while recording the entire incident, Darville learned that there were actually layers in the document – an absolute impossibility had the certificate been authentic.

Shocked, he shut off the camera as it had only took him 7 minutes to learn the truth. Seeing how it takes the average person, with a little computer know how, to solve this mystery in less than 7 minutes, it’s a wonder how Obama has been allowed to progress as far as he has without even as little as a question.

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The best part about all of this, is that this video can’t just be shirked off as another adversary of Obama.  Instead however, proven by one who adamantly made the baseless claims that the birth certificate was real, there truly is no argument, nor is there an explanation.

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