The Most Memorable Last Statements of America’s Serial Killers.

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Capital punishment is still alive and well in America, and in most states the inmate is allowed a final statement prior to being executed. Below are some of the most memorable last statements that were made by some of the worst criminals in the nation.

Some may make you laugh and some may cause you to think about things on a deeper level, either way just imagine what was running through the heads of these men as they watched the fatal solution enter their veins.

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Feldman, Douglas Alan

On 08/24/98, during the nighttime, in Plano, Texas, Feldman fatally shot a male driver as he was driving an 18-wheel truck. Witnesses observed Feldman ride up beside the truck on a motorcycle and fire multiple shots into the cab of the truck, dropping back and again returning and firing additional shots into the cab of the truck. Reports indicate that a total of 12 shots were fired into the truck resulting in the death of driver. Approximately 30 minutes later, in Dallas, Texas, Feldman rode up beside a parked 18-wheel truck and fatally shot a male victim. Four shots were fired on this occasion, resulting in the death of the victim. On 08/23/98, approximately 9 shots were fired into the Central Volkswagen Dealership in Richardson, Texas, breaking windows and other items. On 09/05/98, a victim received 2 gunshot wounds in the parking lot of a restaurant in Dallas, Texas. Ballistics reports verified that all of the attacks were performed by the same 9-millimeter weapon that Feldman possessed.

His last statement was rather odd in nature:

“I hereby declare, Robert Steven Everett and Nicholas Velasquez, guilty of crimes against me, Douglas Alan Feldman. Either by fact or by proxy, I find them both guilty. I hereby sentence both of them to death, which I carried out in August 1998. As of that time, the State of Texas has been holding me illegally in confinement and by force for 15 years. I hereby protest my pending execution and demand immediate relief.”

Jeffrey D. Williams

On 5/19/1999, Williams was driving a stolen vehicle. A 30 year old white male police officer stopped the vehicle and attempted to arrest Williams. Williams shot the officer in the chest and fled the scene. The officer was able to get back to his car and radio for help, but died as a result of the gunshot.

Williams was seemingly unremorseful in his:

“You clown police. You gonna stop with all that killing all these kids. You’re gonna stop killing innocent kids, murdering young kids. When I kill one or pop one, ya’ll want to kill me. God has a plan for everything. You hear? I love everyone that loves me. I ain’t got no love for anyone that don’t love me.”

Ricky Lynn Lewis

Murdered George Ray Newman, 45, in his own home after he responded to the screams of his fiancé, who Lewis was raping at the time. Lewis shot and killed Newman, then raped his fiancé and stole her vehicle. She climbed out a window and drove to get help.

Lewis thought he did his victim a favor by only raping her:

“Ms. Connie Hilton, I’m sorry for what happened to you. If I hadn’t raped you, then you wouldn’t have lived. If you look at the transcripts, I didn’t kill Mr. Newman and I didn’t rob your house. There are two people still alive. I was just there. When I saw you in the truck driving away, I could have killed you but I didn’t. I’m not a killer. My momma was abused. I’m sorry for what you’ve gone through. It wasn’t me that harmed and stole all of your stuff. If you look at the transcripts you will see. I ask the good Lord to forgive me.

I love ya’ll; Sheena, my sister, momma, and daddy. Ya’ll pray for me, keep up the fight. Get the transcripts, let the truth come out so that I do not die in vain. I thank the Lord for the man I am today. I have done all I can to better myself, to learn to read and write. Take me to my King. I love ya’ll and thank you for the love you gave me. I respect all of ya’ll. Ms. Hilton. Ok. Let me rest. It’s burning.”

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Rodrigo Hernandez

On February 19, 1994, in Bexar County, Texas, Hernandez abducted a thirty-eight year old white female from a grocery store parking lot. Hernandez restrained the victim by placing his hands around her neck and then sexually assaulted her. When Hernandez realized the victim was not breathing, he transported her body to a park and left her in a garbage can.

“Yes, I want to tell everybody that I love everybody. Keep your heads up. We are all family, people of God Almighty. We’re all good. I’m ready.

Are they already doing it? I’m gonna go to sleep. See you later. This stuff stings, man almighty.”

Johnson, Johnny

After smoking crack with Leah Joette Smith, Johnson killed her when she refused to have sex with him. He reportedly slammed her head against a concrete wall until she was unconscious, then ripped her clothes off and raped her. After the assault he stomped her face, breaking her jaw so severely that he tongue was displaced. She chocked to death from her own blood from her injuries. Johnson fled the scene but later returned to retrieve his wallet and again rape Smith. He later confessed to killing two other women after raping them. He also confessed to 13 other rape cases in the Houston and Austin areas. According to police, Johnson raped his niece when she was just eight years old and sexually assaulted his sister-in-law’s sister.

Johnson was another seemingly unremorseful man, and he had committed some of the most heinous crimes imaginable:

“The Polunsky dungeon should be compared with the Death Row Community as existing not living. Why do I say this, the Death Row is full of isolated hearts and suppressed minds. We are filled with love looking for affection and a way to understand. I am a Death Row resident of the Polunsky dungeon. Why does my heart ache. We want pleasure love and satisfaction. It. The walls of darkness crushed in on me. Life without meaning is life without purpose. But the solace within the Polunsky dungeon, the unforgivesness within society, the church Pastors and Christians. It is terrifying. Does anyone care or who I am. Can you feel me people. The Polunsky dungeon is what I call the pit of hopelessness. The terrfying thing is the US is the only place, country that is the only civilized country that is free that says it will stop murder and enable justice. I ask each of you to lift up your voices to demand an end to the Death Penalty. If we live, we live to the Lord. If we die we die to the Lord. Christ rose again, in Jesus name. Bye Aunt Helen, Luise, Joanna and to all the rest of yall. You may proceed Warden. (began singing)”

Gregory Wright

On 03/21/1997, in DeSoto, Wright broke into the home of a white female. Wright stabbed the victim with a knife, causing her death. Wright took many items from the home and left the scene in the victim’s vehicle.

Wright claimed that he was taking the fall for murder as a favor to a friend:

“Yes I do. There has been a lot of confusion on who done this. I know you all want closure. Donna had her Christianity in tact when she died. She never went to a drug house. John Adams lied. He went to the police and told them a story. He made deals and sold stuff to keep from going to prison. I left the house, and I left him there. My only act or involvement was not telling on him. John Adams is the one that killed Donna Vick. I took a polygraph and passed. John Adams never volunteered to take one. I have done everything in my power. Donna Vick helped me; she took me off the street. I was a truck driver; my CDL was still active. Donna gave me everything I could ask for. I helped her around the yard. I helped her around the house. She asked if there were anyone else to help. I am a Christian myself, so I told her about John Adam. We picked him up at a dope house. I did not know he was a career criminal. When we got to the house he was jonesin for drugs. He has to go to Dallas. I was in the bathroom when he attacked. I am deaf in one ear and I thought the T.V. was up too loud. I ran in to the bedroom. By the time I came in, when I tried to help her, with first aid, it was too late. The veins were cut on her throat. He stabbed her in her heart, and that’s what killed her. I told John Adams, “turn yourself in or hit the high road.” I owed him a favor because he pulled someone off my back. I was in a fight downtown. Two or three days later he turned on me. I have done everything to prove my innocence. Before you is an innocent man. I love my famly. I’ll be waiting on ya’ll. I’m finished talking.”

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