Heart Warming Moment Special-Needs Student Gets Accepted Into College

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For many of us, the joy of getting accepted into college is a feeling like no other.  That exact feeling of pride and accomplishment was recently felt by a Wisconsin teen with Down Syndrome resulting in the feel good video of the week.

Noah VanVooren’s parents decided to whip out the camera after learning that a letter from the college, that Noah had applied to, had come in the mail.  Hoping it was good news, the boy tore open the envelope and began to read the letter aloud.

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Come to find out, he got accepted.  Noah erupted with joy shouting, “I got accepted!”  As he can hardly stand the excitement, he shuffles over to his father where he says, “Dad you rock! I love you!,” and gives him a big bear hug.

The boy then rips off his hoodie to reveal a shirt that reads “Mustang Pride,” paying tribute to his High School and gives the camera a little happy dance. This is particularly amazing as doctors informed Noah’s parents just after he was born that he would not, “walk, talk, do anything.”

Noah has officially been accepted into a special program with the Edgewood College in Wisconsin, called Cutting Edge that provides opportunities for children with special needs.  The program is designed to give kids like Noah the experience he deserves that so many other college students take for granted – clearly that won’t be the case here.


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The school has made the dreams of 32 other students just like Noah come true since opening their doors back in 2007.

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