Stone-Cold Crowd Not A Fan Of Obama

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On Wednesday, President Obama headed off to a blue-collar region of the nation to speak about various issues, but the audience didn’t seem to be too big of a fan of his.

Obama had even hand-picked 15 community college students to stand behind him while he spoke and even they didn’t even crack a smile, or move for that matter.

He was speaking at the Community College of Allegheny County in Oakdale, Pa in order to promote his new spending program that’s intended to encourage community colleges to offer technical training. The blue collar town is a suburb of Pittsburg and a part of the Republican held 18th congressional district.

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This video is a stark contrast to what Obama is used to, colleges and universities where students exuberantly praise him like he’s the second coming of Christ, and you can tell throughout the video that he’s uncomfortable not getting the acclaim that he’s used to.

Even after the speech is over, the applause from the crowd is more like a dull mumble and the students standing behind him still don’t change expressions.

A recent poll by the Center for Opinion Research at Franklin & Marshall College found that only 30% of Pennsylvania’s registered voters would rate Obama’s performance as either “good” or “excellent.” Perhaps that’s why they didn’t seem to care that the President of the United States was standing just a few feet away.

Who could blame them?

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