Even MSNBC Is Ragging On Newest Obamacare Changes

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In an attempt to clean up the steaming pile of lies left behind by the Obama administration in regards to the actual amount of those who have signed up for Obamacare, the government has made some “subtle” changes.  The changes were so transparent that even a panel of MSNBC speakers lit into the administration for its “ham-fisted” actions.

There’s no doubt that Obamacare isn’t doing exactly as well as Obama would like to have you believe.  The 7.1 million enrollees aren’t that clear when it comes to who the law has actually helped.

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Included in the bundle of celebration-worthy numbers, Obama has used those already enrolled in Medicaid, those whose plans were cancelled in the first place by Obamacare prompting them to find coverage elsewhere, and even those who haven’t paid a penny yet.  Although the number has been estimated to be around 2 million – on account of the looser Medicaid eligibility requirements – the numbers have been less than factual.


In an effort to keep the veil erect that shrouds the actual number of those paying for coverage, Obama has made some changes to a few census questions.  Effectively making it impossible to compare previous year’s data when it comes to those with healthcare, the decision has been the center of a bipartisan firestorm.

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Of course, the president has once again made sure that he is distanced just far enough away to avoid direct correlation, but his attempts aren’t working.  The Census Bureau even went so far as to say that the changes are simply, “coincidental,” and that it was merely the circumstance of, “unfortunate timing.”

Needless to say, American’s aren’t buying as the transparent decision could have only come from the top with one purpose in mind. What do you think of Obama’s latest attempt to deceive the American people? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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