Single LGBT Complaint Gets ‘Duck Dynasty’ Contest Canceled

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In spite of a controversy a few months ago involving the patriarch of A&E’s Duck Dynasty, the show remains extremely popular across the nation and stores seem to be picking up their products left and right.

You would think with all of that popularity that it would take more than a single complaint to get a contest that involved simply the name of the show canceled, but it isn’t. A Michigan Utility company did just that when they decided to scrap a “Duck Dynasty look-alike” contest after just a single sole lodged a complaint.

According to Fox News, “The decision was made in light of controversial remarks by a Duck Dynasty cast member against the LGBT community,” the official statement from the utility company said.

“The BWL is committed to diversity and respect community differences, and we regret if the contest offended anyone.”

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The contest was just announced on Monday, however a single person decided they didn’t like the idea and complained, citing the remarks from Phil Robertson about his religious beliefs in GQ magazine.

According to Fox no other complaints were received, and the spokesman for the company, Steve Serkaian said that it only “took a minute” to decide to cancel it.

“We did not want anything to detract from this longstanding family-friendly festival … this company has a commitment to inclusiveness and diversity,” Serkaian said. “We have our own diversity department. We take quite seriously our commitment to that.”

The offended party goes by the name of Danielle Casavant, who spoke with the local newspaper called the Lansing State Journal saying the contest showed “poor judgment” on their behalf.

“The City of Lansing has come out very publicly promoting equality,” she told the newspaper. “It seemed hypocritical to do something that glamorizes and promotes the show in any way.”

Yet again the thought police are clamping down on others and they’ve failed to recognize the good things the Robertsons do because of one set of beliefs they have every right to have. In what world do we live in that not being offended is a right that trumps the freedom of speech and expression?

A world where the left is in control, that’s where.

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