Bigfoot Finally Captured?

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The elusive big foot has evaded mankind’s prying eyes for decades and potentially centuries.  Recent enthusiasts were more than ecstatic to see that someone had actually captured something the resembled the mythical beast.

Unfortunately for them, this wasn’t the case as additional photos revealed that it was a picture of an injured orangutan. The enormous 14-year-old male was found injured after having been shot by poachers.

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He was immediately taken to the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme centre where he was sedated and treated for his injuries. Apparently the veterinarian removed several metal air rifle pellets from under the animals skin.

Reportedly, orangutans have became a bit of a nuisance in the area as their lazy personalities seek out the easiest form of food.  Most of the time, this consists of whatever farmer’s crops are nearby.


This can be said of the pictured ape as he was found having retreated back into the forest close by near an agricultural plantation. Farmers’ have taken to scaring away the primates by shooting them with bb guns in an effort to protect their crops.

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This isn’t surprising as the natural habitat of the orangutans is being whittled away on a daily basis as mankind makes room for more farming areas.  As the monkeys go about their normal lives, farming communities now lie where forest once stood.

In order to remedy the battle between ape and man, the SOCP has made an outward effort to protect the animals.  According to Mail Online, “The center has cared for over 280 orangutans rescued from palm oil plantations, poachers and pet owners.”  It goes on to further detail that, “The critically-endangered primates population are dwindling rapidly due to poaching and rapid destruction of their forest habitat that is being converted into palm oil plantation.”

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The organization has been responsible for the reintroduction of over 200 apes back into the wild.

Let us know what you think of what the SOCP is trying to do by leaving us a comment below.

(h/t: Mail Online)


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