Texas’s Coldest Killers To Be Executed

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We all know that Texas loves the death penalty, in fact it’s pretty much a common joke about how often they crank up the transformers and give someone the juice. While it may be relatively easy to be sentenced to death in the Lone Star state, some of their offenders definitely had it coming, below we’ll tell you a few of their stories.

One of those offenders is Carl Henry Blue. He and his ex-girlfriend allegedly had a dispute which caused him to take a trip to her apartment. On the way there, the 29-year-old construction worker without any priors decided that he would stop and grab a cup of gasoline along the way.


When Carmen Richards-Sanders opened the door, Blue doused her in the highly flammable liquid and set her ablaze. As she screamed in agony a friend who was at her home ran to assist her. Blue doused Larence Williams in gasoline as well, and his clothes caught fire once he got near Richards-Sanders.

Carmen later died at the hospital from her injuries but Williams survived. Several days later Blue turned himself into police, telling them that it was only meant to be a “prank” and that he didn’t mean to kill the girl.

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Part of his final statement was “Hang on. Cowboy up, I’m fixing to ride. Jesus is my ride.”


Another cold-blooded killer was Elroy Chester. Out on parole for a 10 and 13-year sentence he served concurrently for armed robbery, he just couldn’t help himself yet again and broke into the home of Kim Ryman Deleon.

While inside he found and raped her 14 and 16-year-old daughters. Their uncle, Willie Ryman III, entered the house and saw what was happening. When he tried to assist his nieces, Chester shot him dead then took whatever he could fit in his pockets and fled the scene.

After being arrested, Chester admitted to the crimes at the Ryman home plus two other murders and three other attempts to commit capital murder. When asked by detectives why he committed the crimes he told them that he was out of his mind “with hate for white people” because of a prior disagreement while he was incarcerated.

Just before he was executed Chester told the families of his victims that “I told the truth because I feel like you should know who killed your loved one.”

Perhaps one of the most disturbing cases in the Texas database for criminal offenders is the one that involves Suzanne Margaret Basso. Basso and some friends kidnapped a 59-year-old retarded man then beat him to death using belts, baseball bats, steel-toed boots, hands, and feet.

Basso had convinced the man to move to Texas from New Jersey to marry her. Once in Texas she convinced her friends to assist her in kidnapping him and killing him for his life insurance policy, which she was the sole beneficiary of.


She and her friends dumped the man’s body in a ditch on a back road. Police said that when they found it that the injuries were so horrible that they couldn’t identify the man.

She was executed on February 5, 2014 and declined to make a last statement.

So now when someone says that Texas will execute anybody you can let them know with confidence that sometimes it’s more than warranted. Some people may have a problem with capital punishment, but after reading these stories it’s no wonder that it’s kept around.

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