Michael Bloomberg’s Newest Graphic Anti-Gun Ad

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Despite being exposed as a politician seeking to blatantly defy the Constitution in an attempt to disarm the American people, Michael Bloomberg’s fight for confiscation is far from over. Kicking up a new organization, he has recently released the first of many graphic videos designed to play on parents emotions.

Although many politicians left Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG) due to its almost treasonous agenda, he isn’t down for the count just yet. Creating a new empire he’s calling “Everytown,” Bloomberg has pledged some $50 million to the cause.

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Seeking to create a grassroots organization to combat the pro-gun lobby, his motives couldn’t be more different in essence.  According to the IJ Review, “The difference is while groups like the NRA want to protect the rights of responsible gun owners, Everytown wants to redefine them.

Trying to play on the emotions of loving parents, Bloomberg has recently released quite the graphic video sure to do just that.  Depicting a little girl stumbling across her father’s firearm, she eventually gets spooked while handling the gun leading to an accidental discharge.

The unfortunate aspect of the video is that a little boy is hit after the weapon is fired to which the video explains that 2 million children live in houses with unsecured firearms.  Ultimately pointing to the issue that parents run this risk every second their firearms remained unlocked, it’s nice to see that Liberal tactics don’t change.


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Gun grabbers love to stand atop the dead bodies of the innocent as they spew their ant-gun politics.  Bloomberg is no different and his gun banning agenda clearly hasn’t changed.  It’s safe to say however that we red-blooded, gun loving Americans won’t be scared away by imaginary instances of the manipulation of the left to demonize guns as evil entities.

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